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Orquideas suamena will not be responsible for any transaction made between the publishers and the people viewing or purchasing the plants. It just facilitates the sales process.

To publish your pictures:

*Have a picture on your hard disk no larger than 1 MB in .jpg format.

*Have the following required data: Genus, species, variety, clone, grower, and e-mail where you want to be contacted.
*Have the following data Non required: Awards, notes, price in USD for people wishing to sell.
* Click here once finishing reading this page. or on the text publish pictures below.
* Once you enter the new page, click on the banner publish your pictures" that appears on the cebnter top of the page
* Click on "choose file" and select the picture from your hard disc
* Ente the picture date
* Copy exactly the 4 caracter letter that apper on the bottom
* Click "send"

If you find this difficult , contact us and we will publish your picture

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