Cattleya hardyana Cattleya hardyana is the natural hybrid between Cattleya warscewiczii and Cattleya aurea variety dureda.

It is a rare occurrence in the wild and only few plants are ever found. This because the blooming period of Cattleya warscewiczii is generally around March while that of Cattleya aurea is towards the end of May.

It usually has the characteristic purple color of Cattleya warscewiczii on the petals and sepals and a perfectly hybrid color of both parent species on the lip. The tube of the lip is more open than that of Cattleya warscewiczii.

The petals have a marked rib that runs through all through their length. There are reports on the old literature that some semi alba plants were found, although I have not seen or heard of one that has been wild collected.

Some variations on the intensity of the lip and sepals is more common. It is found at elevations ranging from 700 meters above sea level up to 1.000 meters. Its natural range is Northwest of MedellĂ­n in the lower zones of Frontino. The plant was discovered some 150 years ago and has been much sought after ever since. The color of the lip is so remarkable that one could say that once seen never forgotten. Place text here

Cattleya hardyana

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